Winnetka, Illinois Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecasts for 2024

Winnetka, Illinois Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecasts for 2024

The beauty of Winnetka, Illinois goes beyond being a part of the North Shore of the majestic Lake Michigan. The village's stately homes, abundant tree-lined streets, sandy beaches, and glorious parks make it stand out as a timeless treasure.

Winnetka, named after the Native American word for "beautiful land," still has the village vibe that made it popular among early settlers when it was founded in 1869. Today, the downtown area is magnificent and has many unique shops and restaurants.
More recently, 24/7 Wall St. named Winnetka the second-best place to live in 2020. The area offers various amenities, a modest population, and easy access to downtown Chicago. Learning about prices, trends, and forecasts for 2024 can help you navigate Winnetka's affluent real estate market. Rick Richker is here with all the help you need to ensure you own a piece of this posh village.

Current Winnetka housing market trends, 2023

Throughout Illinois, the housing market goes up and down. According to Illinois REALTORS®, the housing options have decreased between June 2022 and June 2023, resulting in fewer home sales. However, when looking at the data trends, there is some proof that the housing market is once again on the rise.

What does that mean for Winnetka? First, it's hard to compare Winnetka to other areas of Illinois. It is an area that is one of a kind and appeals to a select group. Old and new homes unite splendidly, complementing the other's grace. It is where we find historical Georgian-style homes, such as the one that garnered fame in the 1990s movie "Home Alone." This home, built in 1920, still stands proudly in Winnetka.
More modern-style homes are also being built in the same luxurious style that people associate with Winnetka. Regardless of which home style you favor, there are options for everyone. However, the village only occupies 3.81 square miles in Cook County. Therefore, it is an area highly coveted by people seeking the finer things in life. People who dream of living in a quiet, upscale suburban area often move in swiftly when a property becomes available. Leaving the city for a more relaxing space is in demand, creating competition in the Winnetka housing market. This typically results in multiple bids for most home sellers and drives the cost of luxury homes up.

Winnetka mortgage rates decreasing slowly

Interest rates have gone up drastically because of inflation. However, some say it may decline slowly. CBS News states that the interest rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are already dropping, and the trend should continue as we enter 2024. Others predict the interest rates will never again drop to what they were pre-inflation.
Current interest rates in Illinois average around 6.875% with APRs of 7.031% based on 30-year fixed mortgages. This is with a down payment of at least 25% and an average home cost of approximately $464,000. When buying property in Winnetka, you will need to take out a Jumbo loan. Here, a loan amount of $940,000 or more and a down payment of 25% will have interest rates of:
  • 10/1 Jumbo: 6.750% with an APR of 7.378%.
  • 7/1 Jumbo: 6.500% with an APR of 7.401%.
  • 5/1 Jumbo: 6.750% with an APR of 7.740%.

Keep in mind that your interest rates will depend on your down payment amount, credit score, and the price of your dream home. They will also vary as interest rates change.

Current population trends in Winnetka

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010, the population of Winnetka was 12,187. The population increased to 12,744 by 2020. However, the estimates for 2022 saw a slight 2.9% decrease, leaving the estimated population at 12,370.

Most people in Winnetka village are older, married individuals with bachelor's or graduate degrees. They have solid incomes and can take advantage of Winnetka's abundant recreational activities. Approximately 50% of residents are Illinois natives, giving the area a strong sense of community for those who live here.

Average Winnetka home prices

The location and its status as an affluent village give Winnetka a higher-than-average home price. According to TownCharts, most single-family homes in the area are $1 million or more. However, it will depend on whether you're looking for new luxury accommodations or a home with abundant historical charm. You can save money by buying a condo instead of a house, but you'll have less space.

Regardless of which option you feel will work best for you, prices may vary based on location and amenities. Buying a home that overlooks the majestic blue waters of Lake Michigan will cost more than those set back away from it.

Is there rental potential for investors in Winnetka, IL?

There is something for everyone in the Winnetka, Ill., real estate market. There are rental properties available, making it possible for those who wish to live here but may not be ready to buy their dream home. Most apartment rentals are around $2,000 monthly if you're seeking a two-bedroom space. Renting a single-family home is also possible, though the price may increase drastically.
Even though the population is decreasing, investing in Winnetka now could lead to profits later if your life takes you on another path. People will always seek a respite from busy cities, and there are only so many housing options available in Winnetka.

What lies ahead in the Winnetka, IL real estate market in 2024?

The real estate market in Winnetka Village will continue to be competitive. However, inventory is still running at approximately 25% of pre-Covid numbers. For the time being, Winnetka is still a seller’s market.
People are adjusting to the new, post-COVID-19 norms within today's interest rates. They are changing locations and selling their homes, making it a seller’s market with more availability and home options.
With that said, if you're holding out on making a move, hoping for a pre-COVID-19 interest rate, you could wait a while. Despite expectations of decreased interest rates, forecasts indicate it may not reach the 5% range of previous years this year.

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